2017 Inauguration Edition


*Artwork created by Hayley Gilmore for The Women’s March #LadiesWhoDesign and is available here: Ladies Who Design 2017 Women’s March Posters


Death Awaits Us: Life After the ACA Repeal by Aaminah Shakur
The Funeral of a Nation by Lynne Schmidt


1200 Generations by Ava Bird
Etiquette by Natalie Caro
Apology, for E by Kristi Carter
On discovering Afrofuturism by Renee Christopher
Storage Bin by Melissa Eleftherion
YOUR RAPIST by Mary Honaker
Skyrim has Fallen to the Nords by Ani Keaten
autophagy by Shereen Lee
Groundbreaking Study Confirms by Noemi Martinez
I Am Not Armed by Niccolea Miouo Nance
The Love You Take by Noorulain Noor