Issue 4



Lunch Box by Tricia Park
The Art of the Blues by Austyn Wohlers


The Man Who Planted Plastic Flowers by Karen Barton
Dinuguan, or In Honor of the Writer from New York Who Longs for Simpler Asian Food by Anna Cabe
Dorothy: Since Arriving in the Emerald City by Jeannine Hall Gailey
Souvenir of the Gilded Age by Jessica Goodfellow
Demeter, Just After the Solstice by Katherine Hoerth
You Can’t Stop the Bees by Wynne Huddleston
Take Me Out/Tell Me My Name by Jessie Janeshek
Promise City by the Numbers by Jen Karetnick
In the Lizzie Borden Opera by Laura Lee Washburn
The Anatomy Lesson by Tanis MacDonald
Killer Pussies by Jennifer Martelli
Ponti by JC Reilly
When I Turned Sixteen Mother Let Uncle Kenny From Chicago Take Me For A Ride by Alexis Rhone Fancher
Because I Can Pronounce Islamabad by Lois Roma-Deeley
From Motor City Mulch by Renee Rossi
Biofacts by Lynn Schmeidler
I’m gonna build you a house by Sagirah Shahid

Before the Poem Comes by A. Non

Issue 4 Femme Fatales