Amanda Faye was born with a rare disease which makes it impossible for her to stay in one place for too long.  You can try coaxing her with cupcakes, no promises it’ll work.  She’s also quite fond of glitter and founded the lit journal Alyss.  Those two things are not necessarily related but equally important. She should confess at this point she’s just adding words to get to 69.


Staff Bloggers:

Chrislande Dorcilus is the Sailor Senshi best known as Sailor Jupiter. She lives through cliche. Wants to get a dog to dress up like a baby and doesn’t get poetry. She loves you, and studies Fashion Theory and History at the CUNY Grad Center. Holla.

Shanna Bowie is a long-standing geek who was a shipper before shipping was a thing. She is a contributor and podcaster for Movie Trailer Reviews. Based in the Bay Area, she frequents comic book shops, donut shops, and parks in no particular order.

You can contact Alyss at: or via twitter @alysslit

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