Issue One

Letter from the Editor

Worse Things by Taylor Sykes

Three Poems by Leslie Rzeznik
Tracing the Outlines of Ghosts
the fly claims no vertigo sitting on the sill
The Heart of Alice Faye

Darryl Sleeps Through The Best Sunrise I’ve Ever Seen
by Lynne Marie Houston

Two Poems by Chrislande Dorcilus
For Life
Ladies Only

Two Poems by Nazia Jannat
A Palestinian Elegy
Self Portrait for Whiskey Kisses

Two Poems by Meg Matich
Cellar Violin
Two Kids

Five by Mandy L. Rose

How We Roll by Rebecca Golden

Issue One’s Femmes Fatales.



One thought on “Issue One

  1. These poems and stories are excellent. Could not stop reading them on the bus even as I became increasingly nauseous from reading on the bus 🙂 I’m super impressed with this new lit mag and plan to submit soon!

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