Alyss’ 2016 Best of the Net Noms

 A little late in posting this but congrats to our 2016 Best of the Net nominees.  You can read their nominated pieces via the links below.
Almost Someone Coming Home by Alexandra Smyth
everytime I speak, my gums bleed by Amber Atiya
Grundy County by Tammy Bendetti
bone editor by Courtney Jameson
Sugar water, ugly bird by E. Kirstin Anderson
Warnings with emotions up to 40 miles per hour by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
Grandma by Rosemary Hayward
Unfamiliar Skin by Erin Slaughter

2015 Best of The Net Nominations

We’re super super excited to announce our 2015 Best of the Net Anthology nominations:


Darryl Sleeps Through the best sunrise by Lynne Marie Houston

The fly claims no vertigo sitting on the sill by Leslie Rzeznik

For Life by Chrislande Dorcilus

Cellar Violin by Meg Matich


Five by Mandy Rose

Worse Things by Taylor Sykes

*nominations are taken from works published during the period of July 2014 through June 2015