warning with emotions up to 40 miles an hour

Notification issued August 7, 2015 at 7:20 PM. This relationship is experiencing intermittent rage in excess of bathroom crying and food shaming. During periods of intense fraught, individual partners should use caution when walking past prior smiling photographs or textingexes. Feelings at these speeds can cause flying ceramics, turn unsecured cutlery or bathroom paraphilia into projectiles, and create unwanted hoarseness. To prepare, charge smiles and lung sighing batteries, gather therapist and best friend phone numbers, secure lunch dates, or a free sofa, and turn refrigerators and freezers to a colder setting. Keep ice cream cold and foreheadcompresses colder. Always stay clear of downed pets or children. If you are affected by anemotional outbreak, turn off all extraneous noise and hide behind the bathroom door. Keep alldoors and windows closed and locked to prevent noise flow and unwanted neighbor intervention. Do not eat away emotions. Do not use emotions indoors. If you lose emotional control and callparents or legal representation, or do not have the means for a quick getaway, and needimmediate assistance, please dial *- *-*. For the latest relationship information, please visit http://www.ohgodwhathaveidone.com

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens